New Blog “4”

Hi guys! Be sure to check out my new weblog, Dech. Dech is all about design, technology, the media and communication (plus other good stuff). It's got a nice design on it, too.

listen Radio 4's Today: New Orleans “1”

Great show.

listen Ochre's [absolutely delicious] Mithrax Remix “4”

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful music.


listen Team9's Eleanor's in my head “8”

The wonderful remix! I've been listening to this one a lot recently, and thoroughly enjoy it.

I'll admit I've never heard the originals, but I'll seek them out soon.

Download more of the same great stuff from Team9's website.

listen Bole Chudiyan (My Bangles Spoke) “5”

From a film entitled Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (Sometimes Happiness, Sometimes Sadness) (2001).

I recently rented this one out and I have to say it's an exceptionally moving piece and would recommend it to all. It's long, but this song is towards the end of the film and contains a sort of dream. Near the end of the song you can hear the two parents return to sing along with their adult children in spectacular form, only for the dream to break right at the end when we see the mother longing to be with her children. Very sad. Watch it on your own.

I want to watch it again already, actually.

This one's from Bollywood for the Skeptical, where you can download loads of other greats, free, some of which I'll be featuring here.

listen Burka Blue - Barbara Morgenstern and Burka Band “4”

One very interesting piece of audio; certainly brilliant to listen to more than one time.

Quite educational, too. Now I know exactly what a burka is, and so will you. Get down with Wikipedia on that.

Learning is FUN!

listen Team9's Oops Oh My “8”

A superb bootleg featuring Primal Scream's "Loaded" and some other song. Enjoy.

Find more at Team9's great site.

Oh and thanks to everyone who's subscribed. Please do drop me a line to tell me what you'd like to see and what you think!

Thoughts “4”

I'm thinking about which is best: linking directly to someone's music on their site, using up their bandwidth, not copying the file and crediting them fully (like last time); or copying it over and saving them the cost, but perhaps infringing copyright.

What do you think?

My Odeo Channel

listen Ochre's Zelda Remix “1”

It's the very first 'cast from The Record Cast, and I'm starting with a wonderful remix of the Zelda music. I've never played Zelda myself, but listening to this you get a great sense of adventure.

This guy can do wonders with Electronica.

Visit for more great downloads!

Information! “0”

Everyone else has jumped onto the podcasting bandwagon, so why not?

I plan for this to be two things:
  1. an extension of The Record Card blog, where I write about all kinds of things, in that I'll do a weekly round up of things I've talked about and see if expressing opinions in words does me any good, and...
  2. links to great audio on the Internet, allowing me to show you what free tracks I think are hot by piping them straight into yer 'Pod.
Part one will be weekly, the other random (and probably following a Radio Clash show).

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